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Checkout the range of products Innovative Coatings NZ Ltd supplies to the trades, landscaping, concrete, marine, arts and crafts and general DIYers.

Innocoat SurfRetard


Innocoat SurfRetard is a water based product used for creating decorative exposed aggregate on horizontal surfaces.

Innocoat SurfRetard is a surface retarder for the creation of decorative exposed aggregate on new concrete. The retarding agent in SurfRetard reacts with fresh concrete and delays the setting of the surface layer while the concrete below sets. The result is a mortar paste on the surface that can be easily brushed and washed away leaving an exposed aggregate finish, which is not only decorative but also provides a non-slip finish.

Innocoat Purgo Anti-Microbial Cleaner

Innocoat Purgo is an all natural anti-microbial Multi Surface Cleaner that effectively kills odour causing bacteria plus much more.

Purgo kills bacteria that cause spoilage, deterioration  or fouling materials on a variety of surfaces, including textile, paper and fabric. Effectively controls the growth of algae and removes mold stains . Proven control of infectious microorganisms. MPI Approved C32.

Innocoat Moss Master

For removal of Moss and Mould, giving long term protection against reinfection.

MossMaster is a broad spectrum biocide that removes moss and mould from driveways, paths, patios, garden furniture, decks, awnings etc AND leaves long lasting protection against reinfection. Excellent as a prepaint wash.



Innocoat Grease Boss

Marine Clean Grease Boss – the HEAVY DUTY Degreaser.

Grease Boss is a super concentrated industrial cleaner which can be used at differing dilutions in countless applications, is oil clean up, carbon removal, BBQs, floors, boats, carpets, cars, windows ….the list goes on and A LITTLE GOES A LONGGGGGGG WAY. 100% Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly and safe to use.

Hydrochloric Acid 32%

For industrial use. Concrete Cleaning / Etching. Brick & Metal Cleaning – available in 5 L & 25kg units

Innocoat SyT-Etch

Looking for a safer option ? – check out our Innocoat SyT-Etch

SyT-Etch is an environmentally friendly, synthetic acid that replaces the need to use harsh acids commonly used to remove hardened concrete and mortar from concrete forms and other associated equipment. SyT-Etch is safe to use, safe for the environment and 100% biodegradable. Non-corrosive and easy to use, just spray on, brush on or soak for heavier build ups.  When used to prepare concrete for sealing no neutralisation step is required, simply rinse off and allow to dry.


Hydrochloric Acid 25%

pH adjuster for pool water. Also known as Muriatic Acid or Spirits of Salts.

Solvents for thinning and cleaning

Solvents for thinning and cleaning

We supply a range of high quality solvents and solvent blends to meet your needs. Preparation, Cleaning, Thinning. For Industrial use, Arts and Crafts, DIYers.   

Xylene, White Spirits ( LAWS), Iso Propyl Alcohol, Acetone and more…… Contact us to enquire.

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