Innocoat AquaGlaze WB Sealer

Environmentally Friendly, Low VOC, Non Solvent Based Concrete Sealer for General Use.

Innocoat Water Based  AquaGlaze Concrete Sealer seals and protects concrete surfaces including stamped and coloured concrete, overlays, exposed aggregate, brick and other masonry substrates. Enhances colours and forms a medium build film, with a light gloss finish allowing for that “wet look” appearance. Suitable for high traffic areas and due to the lack of fumes, Innocoat Water Based AquaGlaze Concrete Sealer is excellent for interior sealing applications.

Innocoat Modacryl WB Sealer

Heavy duty, high gloss sealer, low VOC, no fumes

Innocoat Modacryl water based sealer provides a high gloss finish with excellent abrasion resistance. Impervious to most oil staining, Innocoat Modacryl is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Environmentally friendly , low VOC, easy to apply and clean up.

Innocoat Beeds Off Natural WB

Retains the natural appearance while providing water repellency and resistance - water just Beeds Off!

Innocoat Water Based Beeds Off Natural Sealer retains the natural look while providing ultimate water repellency & water resistance. Ideal for brick, natural sandstone and porous concrete. Environmentally friendly, no VOC and easy to apply.

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